Suspend is the visual representation of what it feels like to be hopelessly stuck. Even when you want to move one or progress, your best efforts remain fruitless and the cycle continues.

“Suspend” is a visual exploration into a complex set of emotions linked to the inability to move forward, despite trying.

The film begins where it ends, speaking to the main theme of unbreakable cycles. Repetition of the character and pieces of the environment further this theme visually. The limited cool color palette, as well as specific instances of specularity, play into the idea of rigidity. The character remains naked in these harsh environments, in order to show her vulnerability and fragility. The camera only moves from right to left and top to bottom, to insinuate the fruitlessness of the character’s attempts at moving on. The visual softness of the film is in reference to the sad haze we often fall into when we are forced into routines. The main flower, lily of the valley, represents memory and self-reflection. The tulip, on the other hand, is used only as a distant accent and symbolizes a fantasized happiness.

This film is my way of expressing a tumultuous time in my life without having to use words to describe the intangible, the invisible.

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